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Northeastern Ohio has been known as a hub for manufacturing and industry since the time of the Second Industrial Revolution. As late as 1920, Cuyahoga County ranked 4th in The U.S. in terms of manufacturing output, and most of this production came from small businesses. While names like Rockefeller, Hanna, Morgan, and Brush may not dominate the headlines any longer, their ingenuity remains with us, through arc lights, electric streetcars, standardized formula paints, and stoplights (all invented in Cleveland). Today, industry remains a large part of the Greater Cleveland economy, and Ashton Technology Solutions provides the IT solutions manufacturing and industrial companies rely on to get the job done.

Whether it’s our standard managed services agreement, covering monitoring of systems, patching of servers and PCs, spam filtering, anti-virus, and help desk, or more specific upgrades and improvements, Ashton has the solution for your industrial IT needs. Examples of solutions include :


Depending upon your needs, an engagement with Ashton Solutions might include co-managed IT services (in which Ashton supports an existing IT team/person), or a completely outsourced solution. If your company already has an IT team or person in place, Ashton’s goal is to make them look like a rock star. By taking the daily system management and help desk support off of their plates, they are able to focus on line of business applications (CRM/ERP) and the big ticket projects that help grow a business. If you don’t have any in-house IT, well, Ashton can handle all of your IT needs.

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Ashton Technology Solutions develops proactive business technology strategies to arm our clients for success.

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