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Security Awareness Training

Your best security investment is in training your people.

Your first line of defense.
Do you know what your first line of defense against cyber criminals is?
It’s not your firewalls, and it’s not your endpoint protection. It’s not your email protection or data backups either (although all of those are important pieces of the puzzle). The first line of defense in the war on cyber crime is your employees. You might have the safest network infrastructure, but as soon as you add the human element, things can change. Despite what you see in movies, the vast majority of cyberattacks are not dramatic frontal assaults on firewalls, but ruses that prey on people’s trust or exploit their forgetfulness (in many cases, this is referred to as “social engineering”).

Recent reports suggest that 43% of data breach victims are small businesses, and up to 74% of data breaches go undiscovered for 6 months or more. The reports also reveal that nearly half of organizations large and small believe they are not skilled in cybersecurity practices. That’s why you need to train your staff to know what to look for. Whether it’s phishing, cryptojacking, spearphishing, ransomware, Emotet, business email compromise (BEC), or any number of other intrusions and attacks, the more your employees know and comply with security best practices, the better off you’ll be.

There are also those easily guessed (or never changed) passwords, out-of-date software and unfamiliarity with increasingly sophisticated phishing scams. These are just some examples of how the human element can leave your system vulnerable to attack. And the worst part is, you probably won’t even know your system has been compromised until the damage has been done.

Network Security is Everyone’s Responsibility
Ashton can send one of our highly trained educators to your office to review and tune your security controls and best practices, discuss emerging threats and answer questions. We will train your team to know what to look for, including the latest scams and threats. Our goal is to raise the awareness of your users and promote the understanding that network security is everyone’s responsibility. Contact us today to find out how we can help your office greatly reduce the threat of a crippling cyberattack.

46% of organizations have a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills.

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