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Why We're Different

We write the book on your technology.

Why Ashton? We invest in understanding first.
When you become an Ashton Solutions client, we work to provide value that conventional Managed Service Providers (MSPs) won’t take the time to under- stand. Not only do we resolve immediate technical issues where they exist, we also take the time to understand and align our IT solutions to the goals of your organization from the lens of a Chief Technology Officer. Unlike the “break/fix” approach of standard service providers, we start with IT strategy, roadmapping and aligning your technology to your plans as a foundational aspect of our relationship. Experience has shown us this approach provides the best long- term value to our partners, preventing false starts and needless spending on choosing the wrong technological path.

We’re obsessive about documentation. So you’ll always know.
To many, their IT environment and networks are a “black box”, where vital access is shrouded in mystery. Often, a single person in an organization holds all the keys to technology and data. That’s risky. And even the most astute IT managers seldom have access to all the configuration information and credentials they need. Keeping up with changes, including software updates, versions, patches and information for hardware, licenses and seats is even more challenging.
That’s why at Ashton, one of our most powerful advantages is the level and frequency of our documentation and communication. Never again will you be in the dark or caught in a crisis without the vital information and response you need. Ashton’s extensive documentation eliminates a significant risk to your organization, and shared visibility means that resolution is faster and disruptions are reduced.

Silos are for farms. We believe in integrated teams. For good reason.
Most IT providers give their clients one point of contact. That’s a good system — until that person gets promoted, leaves the job or even just goes on vacation when you’re experiencing a crisis. It’s then their personal service turns into you training the replacement. Once again, this is when Asthon’s integrated team practices and comprehensive documentation makes all the difference. At any time, any of our engineers can step in to assist you.

We know what’s important to you.
Ashton understands that disruptions to your business cost real money, productivity and often, lost sales. That’s why we work with your convenience in mind to minimize interruptions, including automated processes that reduce the chances of downtime during your hours of operation.

Unlike a “break/fix” approach that leaves your organization vulnerable, we start with IT strategy

Enough about us.
Let’s talk about you.
If what we do sounds like what you need, we’re keen to learn and discuss, in-person or remotely.