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Data Security.

Accidents and attacks are inevitable. Downtime and data loss don’t have to be.

Data security and disaster recovery. Always-on protection.
Hackers and malware aren’t the only threats to your data. Flood, fire, even a spilled cup of coffee can damage a server beyond repair. An accidental overwrite can cause the loss of critical data. Even when you back up your data regularly, storing all of it in one location is like keeping all of your money under your mattress.

There are many ways to backup data and improve data security, but the key is data that is easily recoverable.  Every provider offers some sort of backup, but in the event of an emergency, how quickly can they get you back up and running? Can they restore your data to a reliable last active state and get you back up to speed quickly? Are they managing your data, or outsourcing it to a third party? With Ashton, we’ll back your data up hourly in our data center. It’s encrypted and stored on hardware that we own- not outsourced to some big name brand provider. In the event of an incident, we mobilize quickly to provide rapid restoration should your data become corrupted or lost, your hardware fail, or a more significant disaster strike.

Ask yourself: how long could your business remain offline before the lost productivity and revenue became a serious threat? A day? An hour? If you’ve never had to find out, you should calculate the cost of downtime. It’s sobering. And how much data could you afford to lose permanently? We’ve talked to business owners who back up only sporadically. We don’t know how they sleep at night.

Ashton not only provides the assurance of hourly comprehensive local backups, but AES-256 encrypted transmission to our secure off-site data center.  If you need it, we can even store your data in a “warm standby state”, ready for rapid disaster recovery in the event your physical location should ever become inaccessible. That’s a data security plan our customers know they can count on. 

Along with redundant cloud-based options, we can also provide local redundancy for your servers that ensure quick, complete recovery. An on-site Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) device will back up your data as frequently as every 15 minutes, and step in for your server immediately should it go down for any reason. You can get right back to work; the BDR will stay on the job until your server is repaired or replaced.

Your data is your most valuable asset. And your most vulnerable. With Ashton ensuring your data security, you’re protected.

We’ve talked to business owners who back up only sporadically. We don’t know how they sleep at night.

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