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From servers to every endpoint and device, we continuously monitor the security heartbeat of your network.

Sophos: Vigilant detection. Immediate response. Relentless security.
Ashton’s Security Standard, developed around the NIST 800-171 Cybersecurity Frame- work, places an emphasis on Synchronized Security. This leverages email protection, endpoint protection, ransomware protection, advanced threat detection, and in most cases, firewalls, integrated with a ‘heartbeat’ that detects potential malware at all levels and communicates it to the rest of the security stack.

This communication ensures that potentially compromised endpoints are automatically detected and isolated until the root cause can be determined. By isolating the endpoint, we can then trace back the source of the malware and make necessary changes to firewalls, security policies, etc., to ensure that the malicious attempt is limited and prevented in the future.

With Ashton’s Sophos security solution, your endpoint, network, mobile, Wi-Fi, email and encryption products, all share information in real time and respond automatically to incidents and threats.

Ashton leverages industry-leading security solutions from Sophos, including
Sophos Email Advanced, which includes URL re-write, email sandboxing and payload testing, spoof prevention, and time-of-click prevention for those items that sneak through. Layered on top of this, we also deploy Sophos Endpoint Security Advanced with Intercept X. This advanced solution provides behavioral analysis and blocking, malicious traffic detection, ransomware protection, man-in-the-middle protection in web browsers, and execution prevention. The combination of Endpoint and Email security provides synchronized, holistic security, which can be further enhanced when deployed alongside Sophos firewall solutions.

Ashton’s data and system protection solution plugs in directly to Microsoft 365 to backup email, Sharepoint and OneDrive data. In the event of data loss, theft, or malware, we are able to restore to a previous state and recover lost or compromised data. Our core technology platform provides monitoring, patching, endpoint security, enhanced email security, a one business hour SLA for response, and after-hours response for emergencies.

Ashton Solutions is a Sophos Gold Partner. Read more about our our qualifications in our Sophos Profile.

More organizations trust Sophos for cybersecurity as a service than any other vendor.