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Technology Due Diligence

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In an acquisition, merger, or even preparing for a sale, an inventory of the company’s IT assets is essentially its IT balance sheet. Ashton Solutions helps investors make better informed operational assessments and strategic decisions that can impact M&A consideration or negotiations. Our unique Technology Due Diligence capabilities help identify the potential risks, gaps, and mitigation costs associated with an acquisition, or to prepare a solidified IT structure to maximize exit value.

Know the effects of IT on investment value.
Information technology can be one of the least understood valuation factors in any acquisition. Inadequate, vulnerable or obsolete IT and communication platforms can become a hidden liability or an inheritance of technical debt. At Ashton, our goals are to provide your M&A team a complete understanding of potential IT-related investment risks, determine abilities to integrate or scale, assess IT management strengths, uncover operational synergies, and provide technology strategies to generate the strongest return on investment, including:

Recognize and reduce risks.
We provide a complete analysis of the IT infrastructure health and operational performance, including strengths and weaknesses as they relate to your plans and strategic initiatives.

Properly assess asset valuation.
We help you understand current and potential technology impacts affecting negotiations or forward-looking strategies including potential vulnerabilities and technical debt.

Identify IT-driven opportunities.
We offer CTO-level advisory to assess IT management teams, connect organizational synergies or for digital transformation.

Develop an integration roadmap.
As an outcome of our services, we provide comprehensive analysis, reporting and strategies to guide efficient IT optimization and integration, correctly right-sizing the organization’s infrastructure, operations and technologies to meet the goals of your portfolio, or to favorably align IT for exit at optimal value.

Gain a commanding perspective.
When you work with Ashton Solutions, you work with a partner that not only provides an edge for PE, VC and GE firms, but has decades of experience delivering effective technology solutions and strategic consultation to organizations ranging from financial institutions, legal firms and professional services to industrial enterprises and manufacturing companies.

Ashton’s Due Diligence team offers senior level expertise and a consultative approach to understanding the framework of your M&A or exit considerations. Our broad view of IT operations, scaling, integration, human and intellectual capital, management and vision reaches far beyond the understanding of tech companies, to provide a commanding perspective for investors to realize their goals.

IT Due Diligence arms investors with insight, to turn obstacles into opportunities


IT Due Diligence Capabilities.

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