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Ensure your organization’s IT infrastructure, practices and staffing are solidified.

IT & security audits get the most out of your technology. And your teams.
We work with many clients to provide collaboration or leadership assistance in under- standing, documenting and aligning the whole of an organization’s IT investment, including the state of their IT infrastructure, validating department practices against industry best practices, and evaluating IT teams. You’ll gain peace of mind in knowing the foundation of your organization’s operating structure is sound and secure, and that your technology and teams are equipped to deliver optimal performance, reliability and user satisfaction to your employees and your customers.

Ashton’s IT & security audits services typically includes assessment of the following:

  • Server/Storage Infrastructure
  • Firewall configuration
  • Switches
  • PCs
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Backups/Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Antivirus/Malware Control
  • Remote Access/User and Remote Site Access
  • Patching/Security Patching of Systems
  • Version/Change Control
  • Documentation of IT Processes and Procedures
  • IT Compliance Requirements
  • Cyberliability Coverage
  • Outsourced IT support or internal IT teams

Our evaluation process includes in-depth interviews with all relevant staff; extensive testing; verification of all assets, warranties and licenses; and installation of remote management and analysis tools to gather more data and identify gaps between current infrastructure and best practices.

After testing, we provide a comprehensive (and confidential) report on the state of the network, as well as a gap analysis between the current infrastructure and best practices followed with recommendations for remediation. We can also can review self-assessment audits to confirm the findings or point out inconsistencies, and make recommendations on staffing levels.

We help your technology and teams achieve optimal performance and return on your IT investment

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Best Practices

Why IT Compliance is Essential

IT compliance refers to adhering to rules, regulations, and standards governing the use of information technology within an organization. These may come from government agencies,

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