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We go the extra mile in providing a truly distinct level of strategic IT support.

Our IT strategy will help you do business better.
How can you harness what has made you successful and give your company a sustainable advantage? This is where Ashton thrives. Our vCTO (Virtual Chief Technology Officer) level consulting and strategies equip your organization for the challenges and opportunities of the present, and those of the digital future. When you engage Ashton as your IT partner, our strategic thinking and the investments we make in understanding the needs and goals for your organization represent the value that you simply don’t receive with other firms.

Do you see IT spending as an investment or an expense?
We believe that IT is an investment with a strong ROI if you approach it with these principles in mind:

  • Standardization: Build a platform for stability and growth by selecting hardware, software and services that are complementary and scalable.
  • Consistency: Ensure redundancy of knowledge so that personnel and/or vendor changes aren’t disruptive.
  • Vision: Invest in what you really need, no more and no less, and always in alignment with your short- and long-term business goals.

The types of strategy & insight we can deliver:

  • Peer collaboration, planning and validation with IT leadership and/or staff
  • CTO-level guidance for information technology and network infrastructure
  • Strategies for digital transformation and business growth
  • Leveraging your data and IT investment for measurable ROI
  • Secure data accessibility strategies for field teams
  • Technology due diligence for acquisition/merger or preparing for exit
  • IT auditing of your organization’s infrastructure, practices and staffing
  • Compliance auditing and mitigation for regulatory, agency or industry data and security practices

We help equip your organization to rise to challenges and opportunities