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Country Clubs

Country clubs present unique challenges. Members have high expectations for service, delivery, and atmosphere, and management wants the staff to be as efficient as possible. Expansive facilities with aging infrastructures add another layer of difficulty. As the General Manager or Controller of a club, you have plenty of heavy lifting to do. Why not let Ashton Solutions be your IT caddy?

Club facility footprints are usually large and sprawling, while the network infrastructure has been pieced together over the years, due to renovations and expansion. The network is stretched ever thinner as members (and their kids) expect strong signals for their mobile devices — whether at the pool, the halfway house, or the fitness center — and waitstaffs look to go mobile with their ordering capabilities.

While country club revenues continue marginally upwards, the number of golfers continues to drop. Initiation fees vary, and clubs are in sharp competition for members. The better the membership experience, the more time members will spend at the club; that means more food and beverage revenues, and higher likelihood of a long-term relationship. If a member knows they can stream music while they’re on the treadmill, get their work done while sitting at the pool, and let the kids watch YouTube videos on their tablets, they’ll spend more time on-site.

When club POS terminals fail, or members can’t connect to WiFi, it’s often due to poorly run data cabling, improperly configured systems, and outdated hardware. Those tablets you purchased for your servers to use by the pool shouldn’t be sitting in their boxes, unused, because nobody can get them connected to your network.

With Ashton, you’ll have a responsive team there for you when trouble arises. Our goal though, is to avoid trouble by providing solutions rather than fixes. And if you have questions about your POS software, we’ll act as your liaison with the software provider, to solve those concerns. Why settle for par, when you can shoot for an eagle?

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