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Architecture, Construction, and Engineering

Whether it’s sharing large Revit files between a temporary construction trailer and the home office, or even larger CAD drawings between colleagues, a fast, secure, reliable link is vital. With proper connectivity and the right cloud-based solution, your team instantly gains greater ability to communicate and collaborate. You can meet or exceed your deadlines, while also preventing costly downtime. (cloud isn’t always best for A/C/E)

With a mobile workforce and multiple locations, efficiency and security are key. Mobile device support from Ashton makes your life easier. Do you need to communicate from a temporary trailer on a job site? Phone lost or stolen? Problem getting Primavera (or any other software package) to do what it’s supposed to? Ashton has solutions to all of your problems, from setting up a wireless network to remotely wiping your phone, or acting as a liaison with your software provider to get the problem solved.

IT services for architecture, construction, and engineering firms are an Ashton specialty. Whatever your company’s needs, we can bring you the solutions. Call Ashton to find out how we can help your firm architect a new network, engineer a solution, or build your business.

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