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Defense in-depth: this is our standard. There is no one way to secure a network, and there never will be. Threats evolve as rapidly as technology, and keeping up with both is a full-time job. We apply the latest best practices to all areas of your network, drastically reducing the likelihood of trojans, DDOS, crypto variants, malware, spyware or any other potential attack. You’ll never have to worry about your anti-virus licenses and definitions — we’ll handle it. And our solutions won’t slow down your network.

The only flawless network is one with no users. We realize that’s unrealistic, so we’ll protect you against internal threats, from the malicious to the accidental. We’ll also lock down mobile devices, laptops and desktops against virus transmission, digital theft and sabotage. Apathy and forgetfulness can be just as dangerous, so we can handle your security updates and patches on an organization-wide basis. We’ll test them first on our own system, to make sure they won’t interfere with yours. And, since education is key to security, we can even train your team to know what bad things are out there, and how to avoid them.

Our network security and monitoring measures can also improve productivity, by blocking access to sites that employees just don’t need. But it’s not all or nothing — your firewall can be as flexible as you need it to be. We can provide content-filtering solutions with granular settings that can vary from desk to desk.

We don't view ourselves as an alarm company, responding when someone’s already breaking in. We prefer to be the surveillance team that sees the intruder sneaking up to the building, and responding before he even reaches the door. That said, bad guys sometimes find their way in. Ransomware (e.g. CrytpoWall, CryptoLocker, and TorLocker) and other viruses can be devastating to a business, unless your data is properly backed up. If you've been hit, we can help get you back on your feet. But we like to stop the bad guys before they strike.

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