Don't get caught by phishermen

Fishing. It dates back 40,000 years, and became known as a recreational activity in the 1400's.

Phishing — using email to trick someone into sharing private information — has been around at least since the days when AOL blanketed the Earth in installation CDs, but it still works.

The 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report noted that 7.3% of users were successfully phished.  Not a bad number.  But 15% of those who were successfully phished fell victim on a follow up test.  Clearly, people are becoming more aware of threats, but ongoing security training is important. 

All networks are pristine and secure — until you add users. Despite what you see in movies, the vast majority of cyberattacks are not dramatic frontal assaults on firewalls, but ruses that prey on people’s trust or exploit their forgetfulness. Easily guessed passwords, out-of-date software and unfamiliarity with increasingly sophisticated phishing scams are just some examples of how the human element can leave your system vulnerable to attack. And the worst part is, you probably won’t even know your system has been compromised until the damage has been done.


Ashton can send one of our highly trained techs to your office to review security best practices, discuss emerging threats and answer questions. We’ll even train your team to know what to look for, in terms of the newest scams. The goal is to raise everyone’s awareness and to promote the understanding that network security is everyone’s responsibility. We offer this service for clients and non-clients alike, with no strings attached. Contact us today to find out how we can help your office greatly reduce the threat of a crippling cyberattack. If you want to go catch your dinner, we’re all for it. Just don’t let the bad guys catch you!

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