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Travis Grundke
A graduate of The College of Wooster, Travis studied International Relations, Spanish, and Economics. Following college he worked in retail. He attended graduate school in Spain, acting as facilities manager for The Hiram House during his breaks back in the US. While he developed a great appreciation for Jamón Serano, olive oil, and marcona olives, he missed leading a team and solving problems.

It was after his return to the US in 2002 that Jim Millican met up with Travis to gauge his interest in coming to work with him at Ashton. Travis started as a field technician and has worked his way up the ranks, assuming the role of Service Manager in 2010, and Vice President, Operations, in 2020.

Years of experience with closely held businesses, law firms, and non-profits taught him that while the businesses may differ, the challenges they face are quite similar.

Travis enjoys looking for better ways to get things done, with an eye on finding the appropriate solutions to business problems. He has an unsurpassed work ethic which means that we have to ask him (sometimes beg him) to take a vacation.

Travis grew up at The Hiram House in Moreland Hills, where he had a variety of unusual pets including an owl, a pair of oxen, several horses, and a Rhesus monkey. While the animals are now gone, he presently serves as the chair of the Governance Committee on their board of directors.