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Lisa Kontorchik
An Ohio University alum, Lisa began her accounting career in restaurant and property management. As controller at Aurora Country Club, she hired Ashton to handle the club’s IT needs. And when the club closed down in 2008, she joined the Ashton team.

Lisa loves to walk — she shoots for 10,000 steps per day — spend time outdoors and feed animals. Her wildlife mission started small, as these things often do: she and her family raised two fawns whose mother had died. They never left, and raised their own families near her home. Today her yard is a sanctuary for racoons, deer, foxes, rabbits and bears (oh my), and a feral cat that follows her everywhere. Her four-legged friends bring a lot of joy to Lisa and her human family.

“Family, friends and faith are very important,” she says. “I am very blessed. I try to appreciate each day. I want to have a life with as few regrets as possible.”