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Jim Millican
Shortly after graduating from The College of Wooster, Jim Millican went to work for a small IT service provider in a sales and marketing position. In that job, he found that working on the technology was way more fun than selling it. And he struck out on his own.

People start businesses because they don’t know any better. Jim was no different. In 1994 he founded Ashton Technology Solutions. He has grown the business that started as one guy billing time into a professional team of engineers who work with clients to implement technology solutions to help them grow their businesses.

Ashton Technology Solutions is a 25-year testament to Jim’s commitment to building a company culture that puts the customer first. He’ll be the first to tell you, it’s not about the technology, it’s about the people. Ashton makes technology work for people.

One of the core values of the company is ”humble” which means that it is not about me, it is always about we. That value applies to the team environment at the office and how Ashton serves clients.

By nature, Jim is a problem solver and derives a great deal of pleasure from developing elegant solutions to complex problems. Because the business offers him not only the chance to solve technological problems, but business problems, Jim is always eager to jump in to help.