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Understanding Your Smartphone Battery’s Lifespan



When your smartphone battery dies, you’re left feeling inconvenienced and, likely, pretty annoyed. Unless you’re carrying your charger on you at all times, you’ll need to find a solution to your battery charge issues. The solution, like with many other technological issues, is to be proactive and take action to keep your battery from dying in the first place. That’s what we’re here to discuss today.

Let’s go over what can impact your smartphone’s battery charge and lifespan, and what you can do to address issues with your battery life.

How Does Hardware Factor In?

Each smartphone model is going to impact its battery in different ways. For example, the smartphone’s battery size will impact just how long it can last without a charge. Larger batteries will last longer, which makes sense. However, there is also the issue of the display, as the larger it is, the more energy it will consume. Screen brightness and refresh rate also factor in, and you cannot forget about the various connections that a smartphone might use throughout the day, like Bluetooth or NFC.

Additionally, the chipset powering the device can significantly affect its battery life. Generally speaking, the more recent a chipset is, the faster it can operate with less heat and energy expenditure, making them more efficient than their older counterparts.

Overall, if hardware is involved, you can bet that it will influence the battery life, depending on how resource-intensive the functionality is.

How Does Software Factor In?

Software also has a profound impact on battery life, especially if it’s resource-intensive software that forces the hardware to work particularly hard. Some apps will drain your battery simply because of their functionality and features, operating in the background to slowly sap your battery life.

All of this is without considering the operating system, the thing that actually enables you to use the software applications and features found on your hardware. If the operating system is more recent, it likely runs more efficiently and without consuming as much power, but there will always be functionality in the background tapping into your battery’s reserves. This can add up over time.

How Does Condition Factor In?

There’s no avoiding the fact that newer, more recent devices are going to be better than older devices in terms of power consumption. Every time you charge your phone, you impact the battery life of the device. There is also the fact that a hot battery does not work as well as it would if it were at room temperature, and when a smartphone is used more often, its heat increases. Try to use your smartphone at a moderate temperature whenever you can, and be sure to avoid letting it sit in a hot car for too long.

Putting Knowledge to Work

  • There are certain variables that can influence the rate at which your smartphone battery drains.
  • As far as hardware is concerned, you can reduce screen time to maximize your battery life, as well as turn down your screen brightness or disable connection technology like Bluetooth.
  • Close applications that might run in the background and drain your battery life.
  • Keep your device at room temperature when you can to avoid its battery draining from the heat.


We hope you find these tips helpful for getting the most out of your smartphone’s battery!


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