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Managed IT is the Best Way to Approach Business Technology

Information technology, or IT, is an indispensable component for most contemporary businesses and serves as the backbone of their operations. To ensure a smooth operational infrastructure, it is crucial that businesses manage their IT in the most effective manner possible.   One such way businesses can do this is through working with a managed service […]

A Winning Strategy for Implementing New Technology for Your SMB

Have you ever tried to introduce new technology to your team, only to have your efforts at improving your business’ efficiency bounce off of your apathetic and frustrated employees who just don’t see the benefits? You’re not alone; it’s difficult to teach old dogs new tricks, as they say. Granted, it’s not impossible, and your […]

Avoid Sending Sensitive Information Over Email

A single oversight can potentially nullify the effectiveness of your cybersecurity measures. For instance, even if you’ve implemented security measures like multifactor authentication, a phishing scam or certain malware variants could grant unauthorized access to your email, compromising all the data stored in your inbox. The severity of these attacks escalates, particularly when sensitive information […]

6 Crucial Strategies for Effective File Sharing

Your business runs on its data, and as such, you need a sound strategy for sharing files and other important information to ensure collaboration goes off without a hitch. You must also do all of this while protecting your sensitive data. What are some best practices that SMBs can utilize for file sharing? Let’s go […]

How Do Hackers Get Around Multi-Factor Authentication?

Data security is one of those things that you have to stay out in front of. Hackers and scammers are changing tactics and getting a little more sophisticated as time goes on and it creates a pretty difficult situation for most IT administrators. Utilizing multi-factor authentication (MFA), two-factor authentication, or whatever it is called by […]

Managed Services Does a Great Job of Reducing Support Costs

Cost is a massive issue for nearly every single business out there. You have to have a measured approach to investment to maximize the ability to create returns. One of the best ways for companies to do this in technology is to partner with a managed services provider. “Why?” you may ask. We go into […]

Here Are Some of the Coolest Tech from CES 2024

January is host to the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, which takes place in Las Vegas. It’s an opportunity for companies to show off thousands of neat ideas, concepts, and devices, and if you’re a tech nerd like us, it’s total heaven. It’s also interesting to see what trends can be seen and how they […]

Modern Communication Problems Require Modern Solutions

Small businesses might not be used to having high-quality or top-tier communication solutions available to them, but in today’s fast-paced business environment, they need them to keep up with the many challenges SMBs face. After all, SMBs need all the tools they can muster to outpace the competition. Let’s go over some communication tools that […]

AI is a Security Threat You Cannot Ignore

2023 was a banner year for AI (Artificial Intelligence), as it truly entered the zeitgeist in a way that it previously had failed to. Many companies and industries have considered ways to implement AI and make it part of their operations, while others might be fearful of it for its role in job scarcity. However, […]

Nvidia joins the Billion Dollar Club

Have you heard about Nvidia?  Apparently they’ve recently joined the Trillion Dollar Club.  A growing  exclusive club of companies valued at a trillion dollars or more. Where might we see Nvidia’s products used Nvidia is indeed a prominent company in the technology industry, and recent news that it is worth a trillion dollars, or more, […]