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What Happens When You Rely on Untrained Employees for IT Tasks?

We all know that there are many nuances to managing and maintaining technology in an effective and efficient way, but who exactly is in charge of these tasks at your organization? Do you have a dedicated IT resource that you can trust to get the work done, or do you rely on your other employees to stay afloat? If it’s the latter, that may not be the best choice for your business; but don’t worry, we have the solution you’re looking for.

Who Manages Your Technology?

Businesses with limited resources often resort to piling additional tasks on their existing employees. It is expected, for some reason, that even your average employee has a baseline knowledge of technology, especially in today’s age of connectivity, but this can be a dangerous mindset to have. It is assumed that this basic knowledge is enough to handle the majority of routine IT maintenance, but the process is much more complex than it may appear initially, and the more complex your infrastructure, the more likely an untrained employee could cause irreparable damage when they are trying to help.


Furthermore, employees whose responsibilities lie elsewhere may let their poorly functioning technology get in the way of doing their actual jobs. This is especially the case when their technology is causing their productivity to sink, which in turn bleeds out into other areas of their workday. It’s better to just let professionals handle IT maintenance for your business rather than other individuals on your workforce.


The problem that many small businesses encounter is that they don’t have the budget to hire in-person, full-time technicians who can handle all of the issues that a modern business might encounter; and when technology does not get the maintenance it needs, even if it’s on a more sporadic basis if one of your current employees is handling it, even more could go wrong.


Thus, businesses are stuck in a predicament; do they forgo technology maintenance entirely, or do they pull employees away from their real jobs to make sure they have the technology to do those jobs? Actually, there is one more option available to you, so let’s explore that.

The Good News

Thankfully, even businesses with limited resources can take advantage of professional IT resource by outsourcing the majority of IT support. In today’s modern computing environment, most maintenance and management can be done remotely without an on-site visit, meaning that getting the technology help you need has never been easier.


Ashton Technology Solutions wants to help your business overcome the challenges of technology maintenance by providing managed IT services that help your team focus on what they do best: their actual, real jobs, not taking subpar care of their technology. To learn more, reach out to us at 216-397-4080.

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