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The way everyone talks about “The Cloud,” you might think it’s one massive thing, like the Internet but in space or something. A cloud is simply a network of servers that store and/or share information. That network can be as massive or as contained as you need it to be. Let Ashton be your Sherpa…we’ll take you to the cloud.

Cloud computing — sometimes called hosted IT or “infrastructure as a service” — allows businesses to upgrade and expand their capabilities without investing in the purchase or maintenance of hardware. Think about that. You can finally budget for IT without worrying about breakdowns or sudden, unexpected demand. It’s like leasing, only better, because you enjoy the benefits of a data center without the responsibilities. We service the network at our secure site, to our exacting standards, so that you can focus on running your business.

The cloud isn’t for everyone, and it’s not an all-or-nothing decision. You can take advantage of cloud services — like hosted email, Spam filtering, and file sharing, for example — without the rest of a hosted infrastructure. But there are some applications that can’t be hosted in a data center. For many, a hybrid solution of on-premises and cloud-based computing is the best option.

In the event of a calamity at your office, you’ll be able to work from anywhere that you can access the Internet. Data backup and disaster recovery are quick and painless. You’ll never have to worry about your technology, and isn’t that the point?


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