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Paying Attention to Your Cybersecurity Is Just Good Risk Management

Paying Attention to Your Cybersecurity Is Just Good Risk Management

Small businesses have plenty of problems as it is without the added stress that poor security practices can bring about. Deeming themselves too small to be of any value to a hacker, small businesses often overlook security. This outlook, however, is short-sighted and irresponsible at best. Let’s go over why you’ll need to make security a priority for your business.

How much sensitive data does your business actually store on its network? We bet it’s more than you think. Whether it’s payroll records, bank account numbers, personally identifiable information, or information about vendors or clients, you surely have data on your network that a hacker will find valuable. Here are some reasons why you need to make security an important part of your business practices.

Proactive is Better Than Reactive

Cyber security is like an onion- a good one has many layers, and it starts with your users. Any security discrepancy could put your workday at risk, and it could be from something as simple as someone clicking on the wrong link or downloading the wrong attachment. Such a simple mistake could make a world of trouble for your company if you’re not prepared to handle it. Any solution you can implement to keep your company’s infrastructure safe makes it less likely that you’ll suffer from a security breach, thus reducing the time you spend reacting to them in the process.  And having an educated workforce (knowing what threats are out there and how to avoid being victimized) goes a long way in protecting your company.

Secure Your Business’ Future

Nobody wants to work with a business that doesn’t take its security seriously, especially if that business is housing important financial or personal information on their network to provide you with a good or service. The same can be said for your clients. If you aren’t careful with your security, any clients affected by negligence will leave poor reviews and tell others about their experiences, thus leaving you with slim pickings for potential new clients . It’s better to play it safe and implement security tools to protect your business now so you don’t suffer the consequences later.

And another thing- your focus on security can act as a great marketing tool against your competition.  When you can state with certainty the steps you’ve taken to protect not only your network but your clients’ data, you’re more likely to impress somebody than is the guy down the street who views security as an afterthought.

Protect Your Assets

Of course, the lost productivity and lost customers are only the tip of the iceberg for the fallout of a data breach. Depending on your industry, you may also be subject to fines associated with various regulations and rules you must follow. If you don’t want these fines to break your budget and overwhelm your organization from both a financial and legal perspective, then you’d better be prepared to cough up some change for security solutions before you are affected by a data breach.

One More Thing

Even if the hackers have no interest whatsoever in the data you collect and keep, they know that without access to your data, you can’t do your job or run your business.  As such, they assume that you’ll pay their ransom just so you don’t lose your business.

Don’t let poor security practices hold your business back from its full potential. To get started with protecting your organization and its future, reach out to Ashton Solutions at 216 397-4080.

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