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Working Remotely with Sophos Firewalls and VPN

Working Remotely with Sophos Firewalls and VPN

As the need to work remotely has quickly overwhelmed much of the workforce, Sophos has helped the Ashton Technology Solutions team provide our clients with remote work capabilities far more easily, and in far less time, than we originally anticipated. Sophos’ built-in SSL VPN client with unlimited users, integrated multifactor authentication (MFA), and Active Directory integration have allowed our team to handle significantly more end user support requests than we otherwise would have.

Personal Devices Are Only Option for Some

As many organizations did not anticipate the speed with which events have evolved, not everyone had company issued equipment to provide to their staff. As supplies of readily available laptops and desktops have dwindled to near zero, asking employees to leverage their own personal computers to access company resources has been the only viable option for some.

Synchronized Security Wins the Day

While we would normally be concerned about this potential vulnerability, the synchronized security offered by Sophos has greatly minimized these concerns; intelligent split-tunneling segregates home network traffic from corporate traffic, while firewall malware scanning, advanced threat protection, and intrusion prevention services work together with endpoint security at the server and workstation level to minimize threats to corporate networks.

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