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Delivering Efficiency with Managed IT, Part II

Delivering Efficiency with Managed IT, Part II

For the business that relies on their IT, malfunctioning systems can be costly, both in terms of maintenance and the loss of productivity from downtime. When your business chooses to outsource its IT support, it gains access to several services designed to keep downtime to a minimum and keep your technology working for you. In part two of our five-part series on the benefits of managed services, we describe the value of our 24/7 help desk and other forms of IT support.

Providing Support

In part one we described the difference between break/fix and the managed IT service method of proactively monitoring and managing technology to ensure that there are fewer interruptions. Traditionally, when your business had a computer, a router, or some other piece of hardware fail, you would bring it into a break/fix shop where they would fix it as they get to it. The managed services method of remotely managing and maintaining hardware alleviates this problem. This service extends to every machine under the managed services agreement.

Remote Support Capabilities and Help Desk Solutions

Whether acting as your completely outsourced IT provider, or working with your internal IT person or team, when you work with Ashton Technology Solutions, your business will be more efficient. And when there is an issue, you won’t be forced into sustained downtime. Any staff member who experiences technology problems can call our helpdesk–established to keep your business running effectively–to get help with the technology they are using. Our help desk technicians can help any staff member troubleshoot the problem, and in the case where the user can’t remedy the problem, access the machine remotely to help fix the problem and get the machine working effectively fast.

Onsite Support Services

90% of the work we do is done remotely, but if the problem can’t be solved, then we will dispatch one of our engineers to your place of business to fix the problem. Often times we will suggest having an extra workstation, whether it be a desktop or a laptop, to keep downtime to a minimum if a workstation suddenly fails. Fortunately, with managed services on your side, this situation is extremely rare, as our technicians will be able to see when any managed computer is showing signs of malfunction.

Keep Your Business Going Strong

In business, time is a scarce resource, and you don’t have time to deal with long-term technology issues. With additional uptime your company can accomplish more, facilitate more intricate and complex revenue streams, and see an overall increase of profitability.

If your business can’t afford to deal with broken technology, the IT professionals at Ashton Technology Solutions can introduce you to the immense value managed IT services can deliver your company. If you would like to talk to one of our knowledgeable professionals about how managed IT services fit into your company’s future, call us today at 216 397-4080.

Be sure to check back Wednesday for part three of our look at how Managed IT Services build value for businesses just like yours.

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