The Importance of a Wireless Survey

How Many Wireless Access Points Does Your Office Need?

Depending on the size of your business, your office could be a series of small rooms, an entire building, or a city block. Naturally, you want access to WiFi across the entirety of your workplace. Combining different wireless routers purchased from an electronics store may be cost effective, but often leads to conflicts between the devices. 

In addition, if your goal is to create a wireless mesh, then the location and spacing of the access points, along with adjustment of their power output, is crucial.  While you may think that just adding additional access points will improve bandwidth and throughput, you may actually be making the situation worse.  A proper wireless survey is crucial to getting the right number and type of access points for success. It’s the difference between simply making the wireless work, and providing a network that is fast and solid and without headaches for your team.

Just as good fences make good neighbors, the same applies to wireless networks.  A proper network survey will alert us to interference from neighboring businesses that may be inadvertently hampering your network.

Ashton Technology Solutions knows the ins and outs of how to set up wireless access across your organization’s entire office, including how to avoid discrepancies with both wiring and router specifications. Our trusted engineers can quickly ascertain what kind of wireless routing solutions are best for you, and they’ll work with your requirements to ensure you get a wireless network that meets your business’ unique demands.

How many users need access to your WiFi?

Think it’s as simple as getting a fast 50mbps or 100mbps internet connection and connecting a wireless access point to it?  Try again. 

Bandwidth shaping and limiting is crucial to ensuring that a handful of team members don’t soak up all of the available bandwidth while downloading movies or streaming music throughout the day.  Few consumer access points provide the level of granular control and traffic shaping necessary, or the centralized management needed to tweak and adjust the settings without interrupting the entire office’s work. 

More importantly, access points have limits to both the number of clients and the amount of traffic they can pass.  This is another reason why a wireless survey is critical to ensuring that the right number and type of access points are in place.  If you have a conference room that regularly seats 50 people, but the access point in use only supports 20 simultaneous connections, we’ll be able to figure that out before the big presentation.  

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