Security for Your Wireless Network

How strict should your login credentials be?

Your organization needs to ensure optimal security on your wireless networks. Too many organizations provide wide open access to the internet – and inadvertently to their proprietary systems by setting up only one network for wireless access: their internal network. 

You wouldn’t let complete strangers into your home, and likewise, you don’t want to let them onto your corporate network.  Threats like viruses and malware are capable of infiltrating unsecured WiFi networks and spreading their infections like wildfire. This can put any and all devices that connect to your WiFi in danger; not to mention your organization’s data infrastructure.

Ashton Technology Solutions deploys secure, segregated wireless solutions that ensure your data and systems are kept completely separate from guests who might want to connect.  This can be through a combination of Active Directory integrated authentication methods to VLANs to completely segregated physical network connections. 

In any event, a solution architected by Ashton will always emphasize safe, secure, auditable, and controllable wireless access to ensure that you control who accesses the systems you rely upon and the bandwidth you pay for.

Our professional technicians know how best to keep your wireless networks safe, and we can educate your staff about best practices, too. To learn more about securing your wireless network, give Ashton Technology Solutions a call at 216 397-4080.

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