We Like Cows


So what’s with the cows? Glad you asked.

A few of us (five, currently) at Ashton attended the College of Wooster, where “the cow is recognized as an unofficial mascot.” But it serves too as a symbol of our commitment to sustainable business practices. We use the most energy efficient servers available, those that feature:

• More efficient power supplies, better DC voltage regulators, processors that consume less power, and cooling fans that are more energy-efficient.

• CPU speed throttling and power saving technology that reduces the processor’s clock rate and voltage when the processor is idle. The aim is to minimize overall power consumption and lower heat generation, allowing for slower (and quieter) cooling fan operation.

• The latest operating systems, which take advantage of hardware features to deliver optimal power efficiency for any given workload running on the server. (Read more here.)

Before anyone decides to love us or hate us based on this alone, understand that it has nothing to do with politics, ideology or the “green” marketing trend. It’s just good business. Energy efficiency keeps costs down, for us and for our clients. And who would argue against quieter cooling fans?

We also recycle hardware whenever possible. Tossing equipment into a landfill when it could be refurbished or scavenged for parts is just irresponsible — and in many places, illegal. And recycling creates jobs.


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Ashton Technology Solutions develops proactive business technology strategies to arm our clients for success.

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