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Companies relocate and add space for a variety of reasons. They may be expanding (growth in terms of number of employees, or adding locations), reducing costs, or consolidating. They might also be the victim of an expired lease or a reorganization. Regardless of the reason, there are a variety of considerations for your move, as it relates to IT.

  • Planning and timing is of the utmost importance. Your data and phone connections need to be up and running at the new space before you move in, and this needs to be done with your data/telco provider. Your IT provider will act on your behalf to get this squared away, and you should plan on 90-120 days’ advance notice. While you’re at it, make sure that the internet connection at the new space is at least as fast as at the existing space. Don’t be afraid to shop for the best rate (again, your IT provider can assist), and we’d also recommend a second connection for the sake of redundancy. Especially if you rely heavily on the internet to do business.
  • Don’t overcomplicate! For a small business, it’s oftentimes as easy as unplugging your hardware, moving it to the new space, and plugging it back in. Just make sure not to get hit by a truck , in the process.
  • Determine how the move is going to happen; is this a phased move, or is everybody moving at one time? If it’s a phased move, you need to consider how best to communicate between multiple locations. If you do plan to have multiple offices working at the same time, you’ll need to consider your data needs. Sharing Word documents and Excel spreadsheets is much easier than moving enormous CAD files across the internet.
  • Cabling and wireless is key. Do you need two data drops per work station, or just one? Is the existing cabling up to date and properly run (e.g. not running in parallel with electrical wiring)? Is the wireless network suitable for your needs? How many phone jacks (if you’re not using VoIP) do you need?
  • Does the new space have the proper electrical power? Is the server room the right size and configuration?
  • Do you need door access systems, surveillance cameras, or audio/visual systems?
  • Have you moved your static IP addresses (email and web hosting)?
  • Now might be the time to consider updating and/or upgrading your hardware, as well as your overall infrastructure. Considering moving some or all of your business to the cloud? Dump that old Exchange server, and move to a hosted solution like Office365. This is a great time to start anew with certain parts of your network.

You want your move to a new office (or expansion) to be as seamless as possible. By working with your IT provider and planning well in advance, you’ll keep problems to a minimum. Make sure you have a knowledgeable IT company planning every aspect of your move to that new office. Chances are, a commercial moving company doesn’t have the knowledge to scope out what’s necessary (from an IT perspective) in the new space, nor do they understand everything about moving your hardware; whether it’s across town or across the hall (we’ve done that, too!). Keep in mind that it’s significantly easier (and less costly) to cable and prepare the new office, prior to moving in.

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