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Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

“Ashton has been providing our IT services for over ten years. In 2011 we had a fire in our building, forcing us to move to temporary facilities. Ashton immediately provided us with computing solutions so our Exchange Server was online and we could communicate with our customers. They continued to provide support throughout the four-month renovation of our building and our return. I sleep better at night knowing that our data and company systems are intact because of the solutions and service that Ashton provides.”(Read more testimonials.)

Your data is your most valuable asset, and your most vulnerable. Network Security is a major concern, especially as hackers and malware become more prevalent.  Just as important in defending your data, however, are physical threats to your infrastructure. Flood or fire (or as we all know, living in Cleveland, SNOW!), power surges, or even a spilled cup of coffee can damage a server beyond repair. Even when you back up your data regularly, storing all of it in one location is like keeping all of your money under your mattress.

Regardless of the reason (hackers, bad weather, or otherwise), you need to ask yourself how long your business could remain offline before the lost productivity and revenue became a serious threat? An hour? A week? If you’ve been fortunate enough that you’ve never had to find out, you should calculate the cost of downtime. It’s sobering. And downtime isn’t the only setback to consider. How much data could you afford to lose? We’ve talked to business owners who back up their data only sporadically (once a day, or less), or when someone remembers. We don’t know how they sleep at night.

 Cloud Computing is one option. But if the demands of your business require owning and maintaining your own servers, we can provide the redundancy that will ensure quick, complete recovery. We'll install an on-site Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) device that will backup your data as frequently as every 15 minutes, and step in for your server immediately, should it go down for any reason. You can get right back to work; the BDR will stay on the job until your server is repaired or replaced. We'll also encrypt and relay your data to our off-site, state of the art data center, ensuring full recovery no matter what happened at your office. (If you'd like to tour the data center, Contact Us.)

Not only does a proper backup and recovery solution mean that you’ll sleep better at night, it means that there’s never a need to pay a ransom, when the inevitable occurs.  You’ve been hit with ransomware (like Cryptowall)? Big deal.  We’ll recover your data for you from our backup system, and you’ll be back up and running. We offer enterprise-level service to small businesses at affordable rates.

Accidents are inevitable. Downtime and data loss don’t have to be.

Need some proof? Find out how Pixar Studios almost lost Toy Story 2.



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