Security Awareness Training | Cleveland, OH

Accessing the internet via email and web browsing is an integral part of doing business. We correspond via email, purchase goods and services from around the world, and even video chat with anyone anywhere the internet reaches. Unfortunately, this also means we are exposed to people with evil intent at every turn. Spam email is prevalent, and occasionally slips through even with the best email security.  Some of this spam tries to take over our computers, hold our data for ransom, or coerce us into giving up our personal information so our identity can be compromised.  You may have the most secure network possible, but once you add users, that can change in a hurry.  It is not enough to know that there are dangers – you need to know how to recognize what is dangerous and what is not.

Security awareness training targets numerous goals

End-users need to;

• Realize that risks exist and what they are
• Comprehend the cost of being victimized
• Recognize the signs of a phishing email
• Be made aware that texts and voice calls can be part of a phishing attack
• Understand the schemes their particular business may be subjected to during the course of the day
• Be provided with the tools and techniques that will help protect them and their business from attack

Security Training Specific to Your Industry

Ashton Technology Solutions provides security awareness training sessions for businesses in Cleveland, OH.  These sessions are taught by our expert security trainer, and are customized to the particular customer and their business segment. Cyber attacks targeting real estate brokerages will differ significantly from those targeting law firms. Those targeting manufacturers will differ from those attempting to steal data from financial services firms.  Current, pertinent examples of phishing, business email compromise, ransomware, and more will be provided.

As technology advances, so does the sophistication of attacks a business will feel. End-users, unless they are in a technical role, don’t typically follow cybersecurity news. As such, they are often unaware of threats, unless they get the exposure through training. And while your executives may believe this training doesn’t apply to them, they are actually more likely to be targeted.

Security Awareness Training May Save Your Business

How long can your business stay afloat without access to its data?  For some, this may be a surprisingly short time.  The rise in ransomware attacks has displayed how devastating a lack of awareness can be for a business.  There is the cost of lost business, the cost of the ransom (if it is paid) and the cost of recovery, usually incurred whether the ransom is paid or not.  Security awareness training for your Cleveland business is much like insurance, but instead of covering a loss, it’s aimed at preventing the loss in the first place.

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