Remote Access | Cleveland, OH

The number of tools available for remote access to corporate resources has jumped over the years.  The primary concern when evaluating remote access methods is ensuring that the solution used is secure, easy to setup and manage, and provides a way to control your data to limit exfiltration.  The proliferation of cloud based solutions for email and applications opens additional doors for remote access to data, as well as concerns about data protection.

Ashton Technology Solutions can provide your Cleveland, OH business the tools you need to allow for efficient remote access and work from home capabilities. Our network solutions integrate comprehensive security with standardized processes, maximizing uptime and reducing security threats.  When remote work capabilities are required, they can be deployed without re-engineering the entire network.  The upfront work is more time consuming due to the effort to architect and configure devices, but the net result (especially in times of emergency), is a far more streamlined and less chaotic rollout.

Remote Access Security Concerns

Whether considering remote access as an employee perk, or as a short term workaround, you should consider the security risks.  Allowing a home/personal device to connect to the corporate network may introduce malware threats.  This solution also allows end users to copy data from the network to their personal device.  Additionally, you lose control over who is actually using that device; How do you know that someone’s friend/significant other/child isn’t using that same device when the employee is away?  How do you control who sees and manipulates your data?

Firewalls Play a Key Role In Safe Remote Access

To mitigate these remote access risks, Ashton Technology Solutions relies on a combination of technology tools, basic common sense, and procedural guidelines.  In all but a few legacy instances, our clients leverage Sophos firewalls.  These firewalls allow us to scan all traffic for malware, while also providing us the ability to “zone” networks and limit the ability of malicious actors to cross between network segments.  This significantly limits any potential damage.  In conjunction with firewalls, we leverage the Sophos SSL VPN client, integrating it with user account passwords. This allows for easy control over access to resources.  Additionally, the VPN client performs intelligent tunneling, which limits the ability of traffic on the home network to traverse the tunnel back to the main office. This significantly reduces the threat of malware infections.

Software Solutions Are Just as Important

Sophos Synchronized Security allows all security solutions on a network to communicate with one another.  Sophos Central Endpoint protection, deployed on servers and endpoints, tracks data movement and blocks ransomware.  Sophos two factor authentication is integrated into their VPN client, helping to minimize the threat of stolen passwords being used by malicious actors.  Finally, we have setup many of the remote connections to allow end users to securely remote into their office desktop, and to limit access to exfiltrate data via the VPN or copying files from the remote desktop session.

Communication Remains Important

While the ability to work remotely is incredibly important, the ability to communicate with your team members shouldn’t be downplayed. In addition to a traditional VPN, many of our clients leverage the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools for video conferencing, email, chat, and file sharing.  This is an indispensable tool for keeping your entire team coordinated, while expediting communications between a remote workforce.  The ability to share what’s on your screen, as well as to conference call with dozens of people simultaneously will help keep your team a team, even when not working under one roof.  Microsoft has produced a great series of Teams-related videos, if you’d like to learn more before calling Ashton.

If you’d like to learn more about remote access and work from home capabilities in Cleveland, OH, give Ashton Technology Solutions a call at 216 397-4080