We don’t think of ourselves as “geeks.” We’re problem solvers whose IT skills are matched only by our business acumen. We believe in a customer-service focus that prevents most problems, quickly solves the rest and — most important — positions you for long-term growth.

We hire for attitude as well as aptitude, and we believe that our people skills are unrivaled in the industry. We won’t talk over your head, or sugar-coat the news. We want to earn your trust as well as your respect. Our core values guide everything we do. Read more about who we are.


De-complex-ificate: (v) to remove unnecessary complexity; to simplify.

We feel so strongly about this that we trademarked the word. If you want to know every detail of your network, we’ll walk you through it. If you just want to get your work done and grow your business, we’ll make sure you can, every day, without interruption.

We want to be more than just another vendor. Our goal is to work in partnership with your leadership team, either as your virtual IT staff, or as a complement to your internal IT team. As a partner, we can better help you respond quickly to changing business needs, drive down operating costs, and reduce management complexity. Read more about what we do.


All of our partner-clients are different. But we find that a relationship — working steadily and methodically every day, rather than frantically when a problem erupts — is better for both of us. IT is an investment with a strong ROI, rather than an expense, when the provider is committed to your success.

We take the time to understand what you need from your network presently, and may need down the road. We’ll recommend the best solutions available that fit within your budget, and test them thoroughly before installation to ensure smooth operations. Like you, we want to go home at the end of the day and never have to wonder if everything will function properly in the morning. With every client our goal is to ensure that we only see each other during scheduled visits. And maybe our holiday party. Read more about how we work.