Testimonial List

Dena O
Commercial Real Estate Broker

I just wanted to say that David is always pleasant, helpful and creative with his problem solving capabilities. I trust David's opinion and call him often just to ask if he agrees with an IT decision I'm about to make or if he agrees with the process of how another Ashton employee is handling a ticket for me. His opinion and skillset is very valuable to me and I just wanted to share that with you.

Dena O ( Administrative Assistant )
Tom M
Manufacturing Industry

I'm really happy with everything that you guys are doing for me, I love it, I don't have to worry about anything, people go right to you and you guys take care of it. It means a lot to me.

Tom M ( Owner )
Dee M
Legal Services
"Really, you have a great team with Sean, Anthony, Keith and Tom. They make me look like a genius around here. With the time it takes for them to respond, it makes me look like I know what I am doing. From this end, your guys come across as very professional and I know that is the way they are. You have a great team, Jim. Keep up the good work."
Dee M ( Office Manager )
Nicole A
Legal Services

“Travis- I just wanted you to know how much I really appreciate all that you do for me and the firm. You are always willing to help and provide the information we need in a timely manner."

Nicole A ( Director of Operations and Business Development )
Katie H
Financial Services
"...the sales team had our weekly meeting on Friday and the team is absolutely thrilled with the level of service we’ve been receiving from all of you at Ashton. It’s a huge win for my team to be able to get the support and attention we need, being scattered throughout the country."
Katie H ( Director )
Michael F
Manufacturing Industry
"Over the past seven years, I have had the rewarding opportunity to work with Ashton Technology Solutions as our information technology provider. During this period, they have supported and contributed to our growth and changing requirements regarding security, server infrastructure, wireless solutions, and IT maintenance. We continue to count ATS as one of our favorite vendors because they offer a unique combination of in-depth knowledge, experience, exceptional customer service, and business acumen.  ATS is my only choice to ensure our IT infrastructure operates consistently well at all times."
Michael F ( IT Manager )
Tom M
Manufacturing Industry

Ashton was the third IT company we had over a three year period. We were so confused and bewildered by what was going on with our network and IT services in general, we were at our wits end. We brought in Jim Millican for a meeting. He met with us for about an hour and already had a plan in place on how to start sorting out what we had and what we could get done. Since that day, our network and IT services have been stellar. We have three locations around the country, and if anyone has any problem, all they have to do is pick up the phone and give Ashton a call. I used to be involved in every situation from start to finish, but with Ashton in the mix, I let them handle the whole situation and only get involved when necessary (which has not been too often).

Everyone I have worked with at Ashton has been very professional and very easy to deal with. I don’t need to explain too much to them, I just let them know we are having a problem and they take over. The best thing for us is it that they follow through until the problem is solved. I don’t need to harp on them - they get it done.

Jim Millican and staff are a dream to deal with. Thank you for that.

Tom M ( Owner )
Joseph S
Manufacturing/Private Equity

Ashton has been a great partner for us – a relationship we have enjoyed for the better part of ten years. They have worked with us in a variety of capacities from designing and implementing an IT infrastructure for multiple locations across multiple states, to IT due diligence on an acquisition target, to advising us on any piece of hardware from a desktop computer to a smart phone and everything in between and beyond. Over the course of our relationship, our systems have enjoyed 95% availability. They truly are a great partner!

Joseph S ( President )
Doug F
Landscaping Industry

“Ashton has been providing our IT services for over ten years.  During this time our business has grown, staff has come and gone, and technology has changed.  What has been consistent is Ashton’s response to our needs as a company.  While still a small office, they have provided me with options to meet our needs regardless of where we are in our development.

In April 2011 we had a fire in our building – which required that we move our shop and offices to temporary facilities while our building went through a four month renovation.  Immediately after the fire Ashton provided us with computing solutions so our Exchange server was online and we could communicate with our customers.  They continued to provide support throughout the transitional process.  Our decision to use Ashton wasn’t based on how they would respond to an emergency; I came to realize, however, that their business and service model is built around helping clients through their time of need. 

Large issues like our fire or small routine issues are handled with expert care.  As a result of the fire we upgraded our backup and data continuity plans to include cloud back-up and storage and the few times we’ve needed file recovery it’s been simple and effective.  I sleep better at night knowing that our data and company systems are intact because of the solutions and service that Ashton provides.”

Doug F ( Owner )

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